Missing one tooth?

To find out if some of the offered solutions (by Dental Tourism Macedonia) are also the solution to your problem, you have to answer the following question first:
– are you missing only a large part of the tooth crown, but the root is still there, and is it in good condition, or
– has the tooth been extracted, that is, will it have to be extracted?

Missing several teeth?

If you are missing more than one tooth, they can be replaced with fixed or removable prosthetic solutions. The patient’s and doctor’s choice will depend on a number of factors, such as:
– the number and position of the missing teeth
– the condition of the other teeth
– bone quality in the area of the missing teeth
– deadlines by which the patient wants to have the prosthetic solution
– the patient’s budget

When all your teeth are missing

Besides the functional and aesthetic aspect, a complete lack of teeth is often a great psychological problem for the patient.
Thanks to advanced technology, a whole range of prosthetic solutions based on implant dentistry are available today. The patient can have a completely fixed bridge (or bridges) and that is of zirconia-ceramic teeth which imitate perfectly original teeth.
Did you know:
– that in most cases it is possible to have a tooth extracted and an implant placed in its place in one visit?
– that there are solutions which make it possible for you to get implants and a fixed temporary denture in one visit?
– that lack of bone matter in the jaw can usually be solved?
– that just one day after implant placement you can carry on with your daily activities?

Aesthetic teeth corrections

The notion of aesthetic teeth correction encompasses a whole range of prosthetic and non-prosthetic solutions with the aim of designing a more beautiful smile.
Advanced technology enables the accomplishment of extraordinary results which are completely personalised, i.e. in harmony with the general appearance of an individual person. The aesthetic aspect of teeth is very important and has a great influence on our self-confidence and the impression we make on other people.
The most common aesthetic procedures on teeth are performed in case of any of the following problems:
– inadequate colour of teeth
– small and/or short teeth
– widely-spaced teeth
– visible and/or large fillings


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