A Crown on an Implant

A crown on an implant is the perfect solution for those patients who have perfectly healthy teeth or teeth in good condition to the left and right from the place where they are missing a tooth (or a tooth needs to be extracted).
Placement of a crown on an implant resolves the problem of a missing tooth without affecting the surrounding teeth in any way.

Most patients believe that a missing tooth in the lateral zone (not visible when laughing) represents a problem that can be ignored. Unfortunately, the reality is different.
Very often, a missing tooth affects not just the change of position of the surrounding teeth, but also the teeth located in the opposite jaw. During time, this can result in the loss of one or more teeth.
The implant can be placed during the same visit when the tooth has to be extracted, but also long after the tooth is extracted.
During the examination, the quality and quantity of the bone where an implant is to be placed is determined.
Depending on the diagnosis, the implant procedure is established, as well as the corrections which ensure the placement of the implant itself in cases when there is a lack of bone.
Three months after the implant placement, other prosthetic components are placed on it, including a ceramic crown.