Aesthetical Dentistry

While the main goals of traditional dental medicine are healthy teeth and removal of caries and toothache, aesthetic dental medicine approaches the problem in a different manner. Bearing in mind its primary purpose, aesthetic dental medicine perceives even the simplest fillings as an opportunity to improve your smile.

People say a beautiful smile opens all doors. A smile is the first thing the person in front of you will notice. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of people undergo corrective and aesthetic interventions in order to improve their smile.

What is more important: health, function or aesthetics?

At our Dental Clinic we believe that health must not be jeopardized because of aesthetics, but also aesthetics must not suffer due to a doctor’s oversight to consider all aesthetic possibilities.

At our Dental Clinic we have all kinds of dental medicine specialists and highly educated staff.


Creating a smile

The perception of a beautiful smile is personal; however, there are mathematical and geometrical concepts and ratio analyses of lips and teeth and their compliance with the rules of structural beauty and harmonious fitting creating an attractive facial appearance.

Only if a team of primary care doctors of dental medicine, dental technicians, orthodontist, periodontologists, implantologists and surgeons know the rules of the smile analyses and clinical protocols, and respect the individuality of each patient, shall the results be superior.

Ceramic facings – Veneers

One of the most popular aesthetic dental interventions is the placement of ceramic facings. We whet only 0,5 mm of enamel to create the right conditions for beautiful teeth. Not only are we able to change the color of teeth, but also the shape and the size, while dental sequence can be harmonized. Even though we are dealing with the reduction of only 0,5 mm of healthy tooth substance, these interventions should be left exclusively to highly educated doctors of dental medicine, that know the rules of smile analyses, as well as clinical protocols applied for the correction of white (firm teeth substance) and red (gums) aesthetics.

When dental medicine doctors and technicians govern the laws of smile aesthetics, two visits are sufficient for breathtaking changes. Veneers are responsible for a so called Hollywood smile.

Often whitening of the remaining teeth is recommended. As for red (gums) aesthetics harmonization, a consultation with the periodontologist is required.

Cosmetic gum surgery

It is beautiful to see a pretty smile. Like beautiful architecture, nature or pretty details that arouse a feeling of comfort, a beautiful smile gives pleasure to the eye.

Gums are, in the aesthetics of a smile, the frame of a picture. Can a modern painting appear beautiful if placed in a baroque frame? Can a slanted, torn or inappropriately painted frame rightly frame a picture?

Red, swollen gums, long, bare, tooth necks, jaw defects following teeth loss – give way to an unpleasant smile.

Today, most of these imperfections can be removed or reduced with cosmetic gum surgery.

Inlay and Onlay

When a dental crown is severely damaged because of caries or trauma, and it cannot be restored by a filling, and there is still enough healthy hard tissue, which can be used for restoration, we use inlay or onlay restorations. Depending on the type of damage and the parts of the tooth that is damaged, we choose one of the two ceramic elements.

If the upper tooth surface is damaged we use inlay, and for restoration of the upper and side surfaces we use onlay. Inlay and onlay are fabricated in the dental laboratory according to the impression of the prepared tooth. Fabrication takes a few days, and the final fitting takes place in the patient’s mouth during placement. This is a perfect solution for restorations of dental crown damages of greater extent than can’t be restored by fillings.

Implants in the aesthetic sphere

After decades of application, dental implants have become a standard in dental medicine. Routinely the implants work when placed in a good quality jawbone that has sufficient volume. Implantologists are faced with two main challenges nowadays: implants in the aesthetic sphere and implants in a bone of insufficient height / width and of poor quality.

Our top educated surgeons apply implantology protocols in the aesthetic sphere. Thanks to the rich experience and knowledge that our surgeons transfer as lecturers on congresses, and especially thanks to the close collaboration with prosthetic specialists and technicians, splendid aesthetics of dental implants in our Clinic is not a coincidence but a rule.

Teeth whitening

One of the areas of aesthetic dental medicine is teeth whitening. Different approaches are applied, depending on the situation. In our Clinic you can whiten your teeth with the most modern White Smile system that uses high intensity blue light that activates a special whitening gel placed on the teeth. The entire treatment is carried out during a single visit and guarantees perfect whitening.

Professional teeth cleaning and sand blasting

Teeth whitening should be performed only after having thoroughly cleaned the teeth, and after having given the patients thorough instruction on optimal daily hygiene of the oral cavity.

For an optimal hygiene of the oral cavity, professional teeth cleaning is recommended twice a year.

In our Dental Clinic our doctors that are highly educated in the area perform through professional cleaning, which consists in:
– Instruction, motivation and correction of the oral cavity hygiene
– Removal of hard and soft teeth deposits (with “sound” instruments, manual instruments, sandblasting)
– Polishing and fluoride treatment

Usually teeth cleaning is conducted without anesthesia. For sensitive teeth, however, it is possible to anesthetize sensible areas.