Conservative Dentistry

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About Conservative Dentistry

The main aims of conservative dentistry are treatment and repair of natural teeth, root canals, fillings and removal of dental tartar. The main goal are nice looking, healthy and functional teeth. This specific type of dentistry includes procedures such as caries treatment, tooth fillings, as well as inlay and onlay replacements.

Caries – Formation And Treatment

Dental caries is the most widespread periodontal disease. It is caused by the bacteria formed in the oral cavity following the intake of food rich in carbohydrates. The bacteria have a beneficial role in the process of saccharides, fructose and glucose decomposition at the point of which acids that decrease the pH levels are produced in the mouth. Should the pH levels drop below 5.5, the acids start eroding the dental enamel which eventually leads to the appearance of caries.

The application of fluorides can eliminate smaller caries clusters, while the larger ones have to be mechanically treated. Following the removal of caries it is necessary to protect the damaged part of the affected tooth in order to prevent further enamel deterioration. Our dentists will advise you on the best protective procedures after a damage assessment.

What Is A Filling And When Is It Used?

Fillings are composite materials used in order to seal the damage in the tooth enamel due to caries or tooth deterioration.
The modern dentistry applies ceramic fillings which are of a higher quality, more durable and less harmful than the outdated amalgam fillings. Besides, they have a much higher aesthetic value.
Fillings are used following a detailed cleaning of the affected tooth in order to fix the damage in the dental enamel and to prevent further deterioration of the dental enamel and pulp.

Tartar – Why It Should Be Removed Regularly?

Tartar is a fertile ground for development of caries and periodontal disease, and it is necessary to remove it regularly in order to keep teeth healthy and beautiful.
If the teeth are not cleaned regularly, consuming food and drinking can build up plaque on your teeth. In combination with mineral salts from the saliva plaque will become thicker and stronger, and the retention of microorganisms in these sediments can cause damage to the enamel and the development of various periodontal diseases.

Regular removal of plaque formation should be performed several times a year to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. There are several methods of tartar removal and our dentist will choose the best one for you in order to maximise the effect.