Unlike the veneers which are placed only on original teeth, crowns can also be placed on teeth implants.
Crowns are cemented onto original teeth, while they can also be screwed onto implants.

The decision on covering an original tooth with a crown is most often made when the original tooth has excessive damage due to endodontic treatment or when it has been discoloured to the extent that it greatly affects the patient’s aesthetic appearance.

Depending on the underlying base and their position, crowns are made of different materials, the most frequent of which are:
– Metal-ceramic crowns (metal base covered in ceramic) are aesthetically satisfactory and still, in some cases, the only possible solution (e.g., in the bridges of large spans due to a large number of missing teeth).
– Full zirconia CAD CAM crowns is an aesthetically perfect crown. Due to their transparency, these crowns look perfectly natural and are the right choice for those patients who strive for the perfect smile. They are made on location by using CAD/CAM Cerec technology.
– Full ceramic crowns (Empress, Emax) are made of top quality ceramics and are most often used when it is necessary to place only one crown onto the original tooth or implant.