Free Consultation

The biggest part of our patients come to our clinic to resolve big problems like a total mouth reconstructions for example, a treatment that would cost from 20.000€ to 25.000€ in the UK or Ireland.
In our clinic our patients save 70%-80% for their dental treatments, flights and hotel included.
Our prices are so available because of the low taxes, and the lower cost of the materials and the doctors. And you always get the best quality materials with a CE certificate of quality and a warranty.

Our free consultation and flight packages include:
– Flight ticket reimbursed *
– FREE Airport / Hotel / Clinic transfers
– FREE one night stay in one of our partner Hotels / Apartments **
– FREE specialist visit and treatment plan
– FREE OPG X-ray
– FREE local Cell phone during your stay



Specialist visit and consultation with one FREE night in Hotel / Apartment included.
Visit the dental clinic for initial consultation and a FREE specialist visit, have your treatment plan drawn up, meet the doctors who will be treating you, familiarise with the city and the surroundings and return at a later date to commence your treatments (more than 95% of the patients that chose this option come back in our clinic to make the treatments).



Specialist visit and consultation + start of the treatments.
Includes one FREE night in a Hotel / Apartment and a flight ticket reimbursement.
A 5-7 days visit is recommended for an initial consultation and start of any kind of dental treatment, such as Dental Implants or Zirconia Crowns.

To book your free consultation today – contact us, and we will be happy to help you.


* Conditions for reimbursement of your flight ticket
If you decide to commence your dental treatments within 5 months of having your free consultation, your flight ticket will be reimbursed.
If your treatment plan value is more than 5000 euro, then your flight ticket will be reimbursed up to a maximum value of 150€.

** The free night is only offered by our partner Hotel / Apartment if the patient spends all of the nights for that first consultation / treatment period at the same Hotel / Apartment.