Prices at Dental Tourism Macedonia

At Dental Tourism Macedonia we are very happy to put our price list upfront so that our dental patients from all over the world can compare with other dental treatment plan quotations they have received.

Like you, we have often been to the dentist with no idea of how much the dental treatment would cost us.
Our UK patients often tell us that their greatest fear of going to the dentist is not opening their mouths wide and rinsing, but opening their bank accounts wide instead.

Therefore, we continually attempt to put some clarity and simplicity back into the price of dentistry without compromising it in any way.
We pride ourselves on no hidden or extra charges. The prices you see below are completely all-inclusive, your only other costs are accommodation (we have our own apartments for 30€ per night) and your low cost flights to Skopje.



DiagnosticsPrices (in EUR)
Specialist visit and consultationFREE
Digital X-RayFREE
Digital Ortho-Pantograph X-Ray20
Implantology / Oral SurgeryPrices (in EUR)
Premium Dental Implant (Abutment included) (lifetime warranty on the product)550
Small Sinus Lift (material included)350
Big Sinus Lift (material included)600
Extraction (simple)33
Extraction (Surgical)85
Surgical Extraction of Impacted Tooth210
Apicoectomy 1 Root Tooth270
Apicoectomy 2,3 Roots Tooth300
Apicoectomy With Retrograde Filling300
CrownsPrices (in EUR)
Porcelain Crowns Fused To Metal (3-5 years of warranty)150
Titanium Composite Crown CAD CAM (3-5 years of warranty)220
Zirconium Ceramic Crown CAD CAM (3-5 years of warranty)250
Full Zirconia CAD CAM Crown (3-5 years of warranty)250
E.max Full Porcelain Crown (3 years of warranty)250
Porcelain Veener (1 year warranty)250
Porcelain INLAY / ONLAY235
Telescopic Crown100
Temporary Crown15 / 30
Crown / Bridge RemovalFREE
ProstheticsPrices (in EUR)
Total Acrylic Denture (per jaw complete with teeth)330
Partial Acrylic Denture (complete with teeth)330
Wisil Denture500
Wisil Denture With CE-KA Attachments600
Denture Rebase70
Other TreatmentsPrices (in EUR)
Professional Cleaning and Polishing55
Nanocomposite Dental Filling52
Root Canal Therapy 1 root85
Root Canal Therapy 2 roots105
Root Canal Therapy 3 roots125
Teeth Whitening WHITE SMILE250
Fiber Glass Post / Core95
Night Guard120


List of our services free of charge for all our patients:

  • Free transfer from the airport to Skopje and from apartment to clinic
  • Travel organization
  • Accommodation reservation (apartments and hotels)
  • Foreign language – speaking staff
  • Free specialist visit
  • Free treatment cost calculation
  • Free internet connection in the clinic
  • Own parking lot
  • Free cell phone for being in contact with us 24/7

The payment can be made in cash directly in the clinic or with card. We accept: Visa, Maestro and MasterCard.



We are advising all our patients to get a form for dental treatments abroad before going abroad for a treatment in order the form can be filled out properly. That way the payroll can be done within the shortest period of time.
Furthermore, our invoices can also be used for a tax – reimbursement which must be arranged with your book-keeper.