Semi-Fixed Prothesis / Semi-Fixed Dental Prosthetics – In General

When we talk about patients who have lost all of their teeth, it is very hard to find a high quality solution that will satisfy functional needs of the patient, as well as its aesthetics. Loss of all teeth leads to resorption and jawbone deterioration. In order to prevent it, we can use mobile prosthetics, which will preserve the bone, and give a good and firm solution to restoration of edentulous mouth.

  • All-on-4 system presents an excellent semi-fixed solution, when we talk about edentulous mouth
  • Semi-fixed prosthetic solution based on locators is suitable for restoration of lower jaw

Advantages Of Semi-Fixed Prosthetics

Beside its function to preserve the jawbone, semi-fixed prosthetic work will offer great stability and improve patient’s confidence.

Unlike fixed prosthetic works, semi-fixed prosthetics can be extracted. During regular checkup, dentist can extract the prosthetic work using special instruments and thoroughly clean it. Also, if necessary, it can easily be adapted to patient’s mouth or make some minor cosmetic changes.

Situations In Which Semi-Fixed Prosthetics is Done

Semi-fixed prosthetic solutions are mostly done with patients, who have no teeth or with patients, whose teeth are in such bad condition, that no one tooth can ensure stability of the prosthetic work. All available semi-fixed prosthetic solutions consist of dental implants and bridges.

Depending on the jaw we are trying to restore, we use different solutions for attaching the prosthesis onto implants and the exact number of dental implants used varies.

All-On-4 System

All-on-4 system presents an excellent semi-fixed solution for edentulous jaw and can be used for restoration of edentulism on the upper or lower jaw. It consists of a dental bridge, which is placed on four individually placed dental implants in the patient’s jaw. The bridge is attached to dental implants using special screws.

During restoration of edentulism using All-on-4 system, there’s no need for bone grafting or temporary bridge placement. The whole procedure is done in only one visit, and recovery after the procedure is minimal. All-on-4 system doesn’t require special oral hygiene treatments, and can be removed and cleaned during regular checkups at the dentist’s.

Dentures On A Metal Bar

During restoration of the upper jaw with semi-fixed prosthetic work, we use dental implants on which a metal bar is placed. This bar is made individually for each patient depending on the layout and number of the placed dental implants. It can be cemented or screwed with special screws to the implants. Dental bridge is then fixed to the bar.

Although this solution is far more stable than All-on-4 system, its fabrication takes far longer. The procedure is done in 2 separate visits. First visit is for dental implant placement, while second visit takes place after osseointegration, when the bar and dental bridge are placed. During osseointegration, which lasts 2 to 6 months, the patient uses temporary dentures.

Dentures On Locators

Semi-fixed prosthetic solution based on locators is suitable for restoration of lower jaw. During the first part of the procedure, 2-3 dental implants are placed into patient’s lower jaw. The patient leaves with a temporary dentures until the process of osseointegration is finished, which lasts 2 to 6 months. After osseointegration the patient returns for the final prosthetic work, the locators are placed onto implants and a dental bridge is fixed onto locators.